Product Benefit:

AKINS Recycled UV Hat is designed to offer better protection against the sun, more sustainable for the planet with its wide brim and anti-UV fabric. Made by 100% Recycled Cotton.Together with anti UV fabric with UPF50+ UV protection, proven effective by independent organization (AS/NZS 4399-1996 Standard).

Heads measures 58 centimeters

AKINS intentionally designed our Recycled UV Hat that the brim of the hat is 7.8cm. The cancer council recommended a broad-brimmed hat with a brim at least 7.5 cm, which shades face, ears and neck, and can block more than 50% of UV radiation to the eyes.
Since sunscreens cannot provide 100% full UV protection. Sunscreen should always be used in combination with other sun protection alternatives, especially in direct sunlights – clothing, broad-brimmed hats, shade and sunglasses.

Composition (3 Layers):

  • 100% Recycled Cotton
  • Polyester Finishing Anti-UV Agent UPF50+ PROTECTION UVA and UVB
  • 100% Recycled Cotton


Wear outdoors or whenever your skin need protection from the sun!!


It’s still important to wear SPF daily, please don’t forget to protect your skin by facial and body sunscreen for double protection purposes.

How To Clean:

Washing machines with a hand wash program or AKINS highly recommend hand wash to save electricity. Do not bleach, Do not put in the dryer machine.